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One Pacific Residences is a virtual paradise that offers a bundle of resort-like amenities and features such that the residents can enjoy a lavish and comfortable lifestyle. 

A spacious gymnasium is featured in One Pacific Residences that allows the residents to have their workout sessions right at their residing place. For all those who desire to workout amidst a natural ambiance, One Pacific Residences provides wide and concrete jogging pathways. One can use these for a convenient morning, evening or night walk or jog. For the relaxed living of the residents of One Pacific Residences, there is a spa as well as a Jacuzzi incorporated into the property. With such features, one never has to move out of the establishment in order to enjoy resort-like facilities.

A twenty-meter long swimming pool is another additional lavish offering of One Pacific Residences. This pool can be used by the residents to spend stretched relaxed hours. Keeping the convenience of the kids and the privacy of the adults in mind, One Pacific Residences also features a kid’s pool where the little ones can have their fun time with their friends. The swimming pools have changing rooms, shower areas as well as locker rooms located nearby which allow the residents to experience convenience while going out to take a dip in the pool. 

There are various multi-purpose rooms incorporated in One Pacific Residences such that the residents can use these rooms as per their convenience. A sunken lounge is another lavish offering of One Pacific Residences. The residents can anytime have friends gathering and enjoy drinks right at their residing location without taking the troubles of traveling long distances. 

An aqua gym pool allows a fun way of keeping fit. Not all the residential setups offer features like One Pacific Residences and this aqua gym pool is one such example. A taichi or yoga center is another addition to the amenities list of One Pacific Residences. This helps the residents to have a peaceful way of keeping their body and mind fit and healthy. The elders of the property would love to spend time in this provision of the property.

Playing outdoor games is an essential activity for the kids of today when most of them are seen busy with their handheld gadgets. One Pacific Residences understands the importance of this and features a large tennis court as well as a children's playing area such that the kids can have an active and energetic lifestyle. This will not just keep them active, but also help them learn sports like tennis. 

There is also a pool deck accommodated in One Pacific Residences which is tidily roofed with tensile structures. This further adds to the beauty and convenience of the property. Last, but not the least, One Pacific Residences employs professionals to maintain all these varying offerings such that, neither the quality of the services are dropped, nor are they ever interrupted whatever may be the case.

  • Gym
  • Culinary Station
  • Spa/Jacuzzi
  • 20-meter long Swimming Pool
  • Wall Climbing Area
  • Tennis Court
  • Jogging Path
  • Children's Play Area
  • Yoga/Taichi Station
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
  • Sunken Lounge
  • Pool Deck Roofed with Tensile Structures
  • Outdoor Shower Area
  • Children's Pool
  • Aqua Gym Pool
  • Shower/Changing and Locker Rooms
  • House Keeping Area
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